Chicago Podcast Festival

Returning October 4 - 7th, 2017! Learn How To Get Involved!

The Chicago Podcast Festival is excited to announce that we’re expanding our support for the podcasting community and will be presenting some nationally known podcasts when they tour Chicago.  

We’re proud to present “The Dollop” in their only Chicago area appearance!

The Dollop is an American History Podcast. Every week, Dave Anthony reads a story to his friend, Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what the topic is going to be about.

Saturday, April 22


Athenaeum Theater

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What is the Chicago Podcast Festival?

We’re a celebration of podcasting in Chicago! Attendees get to be a fly on the wall and watch podcasts come to life in front of an audience.

This is your opportunity to take your favorite podcasts out of your ears and put them IRL, all while exploring new ones. The artists featured will be podcasters from the arts and entertainment world, recorded live on stage at unique venues in downtown Chicago.

This is a place where you can not only see your favorite shows, but be with your people.

Live Podcasts

In 2016 we featured 30 acts with topics including:

  • A show about the latest movies
  • A magical portal behind Burger King
  • Tales of murder and crime stories
  • An old fashion variety hour
  • Musicians tell the story of their songs’ creation
  • Wellness and inner beauty for women of color
  • Interview with actors about their careers
  • And more!

Headlining Podcasts From 2016

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