Why was the Chicago Podcast Festival created?

Podcasting is the fastest growing art form of this century so we’ve created an event to celebrate podcasts and connect fans to the people making them! People new to the podcasting world get to experience the artists first hand and hang out with a great community of like-minded people.

But you say, “Nonprofit improv organization and podcasting? What’s the connection?!” Most podcasts are unscripted and Chicago Improv Productions creates “Unscripted Performance and Entertainment Experiences” – which now includes podcasts. So, there!

What can you expect at the Chicago Podcast Festival?

This is your opportunity to take your favorite podcasts out of your ears and put them IRL, all while exploring new ones. Throughout the five venues, you’ll witness entertaining and interesting shows for an exciting night out. The venues are relaxed atmospheres, so come as you are. You will enjoy time with the people who bring you joy and meet other people that share your passion.

About Chicago Improv Productions

Chicago Improv Productions produces the Chicago Improv Festival (the world’s largest improv festival), the College Improv Tournament and educational outreach programs for K-12 students. Our mission is to “celebrate the present, honor the past, and showcase the future of improvisational theatre”. We do that by creating shows in venues throughout Chicagoland, offering youth summer programs and building other projects that blend engaging learning with life skills.

We’re coming up on our 20th anniversary! We have opportunities throughout the year for people who are passionate about improv, marketing and events to get involved with Chicago Improv Productions (CIP). You can either share your expertise in those arenas or hone your skills and get experience in those arenas if you’re a college student.

Contact the CIP Board President, Mark Carter, if you’re interested. You can reach him at: mjcarter@markjcarter.com

Chicago Improv Productions is an Illinois not-for profit arts organization, with a 501(C)(3) status.