Featuring Guest Host Susan Messing and Special Guest Rick Kogan. Music by Sunshine Boys

sarah-thyreThe commercial with the soldier returning home just in time for the holidays, the story of the star-crossed lovers, the song about moving on from a bad relationship: these things always manager to make Sarah Thyre (“Strangers with Candy”) and Susan Orlean (The New Yorker) cry. Listen in as they discuss with a weekly guest the things that tickle your tear ducts.

Special musical guest Sunshine Boys!the-sunshine-boys
The recently launched Sunshine Boys are a Chicago-based trio of veteran recording and touring artists who’ve served in some of the most revered bands in indie rock, dating back to when the term ‘indie rock’ represented a work ethic, rather than a genre. Featuring Freda Love Smith (Blake Babies, Antenna, Mysteries of Life) on drums, Jacqueline Schimmel (Big Hello, Justin Roberts) on bass, and Dag Juhlin (Poi Dog Pondering, The Slugs) on guitar, Sunshine Boys offer a propulsive, melodic take on pop rock that runs the range from sparkling to dark, often within the same number.

Venue: Vittum Theatre
Date: November 19th
Time: 9:00pm

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