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Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez

On tonight’s show Patti is broadcasting live from Los Angeles.  Comedian Paul Farahvar rides side car as we welcome Psychologist Dr. Susana Flores at the top of the show who discusses the sensitivity and affects of the recent Las Vegas shooting spree.  Then, it’s new music Monday as we bring on musicians and actors Dani Shay (Young Albert) and Joe Stevens (Lead Composer) of “The CivilTy of Albert Cashier” which has been extended through October 22nd.  Be sure to catch them for their live music performance on Oct 15th as well – For more information visit:

Then, a new comedy show is hitting Chicago this Oct 13th!  Catch Vik Pandya and a host of other great comedians at the “Chalo Haso Comedy Show”.  And finally, we play a brand new episode of our spin on “The Dating Game”…Interested?  Listen in and join the fun!