Tyler Greene

Artistic Director

Tyler Greene produces live events for Chicago Public Media (WBEZ 91.5FM & Vocalo 91.1FM) and produces storytelling events in Chicago for The Moth. He also works frequently with 2nd Story, Chicago’s hybrid storytelling, music and wine series. In what spare time he has left, Tyler cooks for his husband, fancies adventure video games (Sierra, anyone?!) and collects self-help books that he vows to one day read.

CPF Artistic Director’s Statement:

“I’ve been an unapologetic podcast nerd since the early 2000’s when I was living abroad, listening to This American Life, Filmspotting and an assortment of poker strategy podcasts. I listened to them on my computer – sometimes without headphones! – and never would have imagined them growing to the Serial-like status they occupy today. One in four Americans aged 12 to 52 are said to have listened to at least one podcast last month. With the advent of mobile-connected cars and added financial investment to the medium, there’s no doubt in my mind that this form of expression will not only sustain but thrive. So when Jonathan asked me to be the first Artistic Director for the Chicago Podcast Festival, I jumped at the opportunity. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted this festival to feature as many voices as possible within the storytelling and comedy genres. Chicago has long been known for our stories and our funny people. As it turns out, comedy and storytelling podcasts reign as two of the most widely produced genres. It only seemed natural that we would focus on those spaces. I’m also committed to showcasing the diversity of this new form. Because it is initially so easy to produce a podcast, you’ll see all kinds of shows from independent producers and a variety of networks. These shows each sound different in design and hosting style. There is not yet a “gold standard” to the form and I like that. If we don’t offer up as many perspectives as possible, then we aren’t mirroring the world in which we live. I look forward to building on the programming we do this year and creating even more spaces next year. Finally, I’m eager to watch the magic moment when podcast fans meet their favorite podcaster. I remember my life time: it was Adam Kempenaar from Filmspotting. Over the three days of our festival, audiences of these shows will go beyond hearing these shows in their ears – they get to see them, in a room full of other fans, and not only hang out with fellow nerds but also the hosts and producers themselves. I can’t wait.

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